About us

The reason we started with gazette.org is that we wanted to know what happened around us, in our neighborhood, in our city and the surrounding area. Sure, you can search for your city or area on Google News, but that only gives you a top-line view of what’s happening in your city and neighborhood. There’s a lot more than just a few stories from the local newspaper. That was our starting point as well though, to get as many local news sources as possible: local newspapers, local TV networks, and local radio stations. On top of that, we want to add a lot more in-depth content which is relevant to your city and the surrounding area. First of all, we added local blogs as those typically give a great insight into what’s happening in the city, what’s currently hot, things to do and sometimes an alternative view on local politics. Most sports fans are interested in their local sports teams, that’s why we’ve added a sports section where you can find everything that’s going on at your local professional or university sports team. You want to know if you live in a safe area, that’s why we’ve added a crime section where you can find an overview of the latest local crime alerts and reports. Decisions of your city council or local government affect your everyday life, so where possible we’ve included the latest press releases from your city council. Are you looking for something to do tonight or this weekend? Head to the local events section where you can find an extensive overview of all local events, from workshops and yoga classes to concerts and matches of your local sports teams. Are you bored with your current job? We list the latest jobs in your area. Everything from customer support agent roles to marketing jobs and from engineering roles to sales representative roles. Are you looking to move to a bigger place nearby or on the other side of town? Check out the real estate section for the latest homes for sale in your area. We also provide up to the minute traffic reports so you can easily see if road closures or traffic jams affect your journey. Last but not least you want to know the local weather forecast, so we have included a 3-day weather forecast for your area. Why is it called gazette.org? “A gazette is an official journal, a newspaper of record, or simply a newspaper. Gazette is a loanword from the French language; in turn, the French word is a 16th-century permutation of the Italian Gazzetta, which is the name of a particular Venetian coin. Gazzetta became an epithet for a newspaper during the early and middle 16th century when the first Venetian newspapers cost one Gazzetta. In English- and French-speaking countries, newspaper publishers have applied the name Gazette since the 17th century.” These days several weekly and daily newspapers bear the name The Gazette. Examples are The London Gazette, The Gazette of India and The Montreal Gazette. Hence, gazette.org seems a fitting name for our local news aggregator. Questions? We hope you enjoy our service. If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can improve our offering, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email: hq (at) gazette.org